Mentoring through sport: discover the SportyMentor website!

Thursday, 9 February 2023

The SportyMentor project now has its own website and Facebook page to keep you regularly informed of the project's progress !

Officially launched in March 2022, the European SportyMentor project aims to use mentoring and sport as tools to stimulate change in young people with challenging behaviours. 

At the root of the project, the partners identified the need to increase the social inclusion of disadvantaged youth through a strategic combination of mentoring, sport and technology. Our proposal is therefore to use mentoring and sport as tools to stimulate cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes in young people with challenging behaviour.

The objectives and concrete results of the project are :

  • the development of a guide to define the scientific basis for a sports mentoring programme for young people (13-19 years) with challenging behaviour
  • the development of a sports mentoring programme that will support 120 mentors and mentees in the partner countries
  • the development of an eco-citizenship toolkit to support the sports mentoring programme
  • the development of a SportyMentor mobile application to promote sporting activities and create a link between mentor and mentee, as well as to raise awareness on environmental and sustainability issues

With its dedicated website and Facebook page, follow the progress and various news related to the SportyMentor project !