#CEASE_violence : When employers take action against domestic violence

Thursday, 23 June 2022

24% of women over the age of 15 have already been victims of domestic violence, and this figure rises to around 30% if we include psychological violence, and it is precisely to combat this violence that the CEASE network was created in 2017: a network of employers who are committed to observing common and ambitious practices to combat domestic violence in the workplace.

But what is the CEASE network in concrete terms?

Currently more than 20 signatory members have joined the CEASE adventure. All of them have signed our charter and committed themselves to raising awareness among their staff about the impact of domestic violence in the workplace, and to training resource persons to detect the signs of violence and refer victims to the appropriate services.

Why get involved as an employer?

  1. Every employer has been, or will be, in contact with an employee facing this type of violence.

  2. The cost of gender-based violence for companies is estimated at 258 billion euros per year in Europe.

  3. Reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, turnover, resignation without notice, etc. are direct consequences of violence.

  4. Companies have a great capacity for mobilisation, so taking action in the workplace considerably increases the impact of initiatives.

In 2022, CEASE was

  • A brand new website available in English, French and Dutch where you can find different resources to fight domestic violence in the workplace.
  • 7 training sessions, 55 people trained to better welcome, orientate and support in the face of domestic violence. 
  • E-learning available in English, French and Dutch. 

What newxt?

Because domestic violence does not stop at the door of the house, and because politicians are finally taking up the issue to make it a priority, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS will not give up! From the beginning of the school year, we are planning new training sessions, as well as meetings between members to discuss the actions implemented, the difficulties encountered, etc. 

Because the socio-professional integration of women victims of violence is essential (to do this, discover our #ActivProject), keeping them employed is just as important. You too can get involved and contact us for more information on the CEASE network. 

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